Product Management

Stafford Ventures provides the following product management services to our clients:

  1. BulletProduct requirement gathering

  2. BulletSpecification writing

  3. BulletCustomer feedback reports

  4. BulletFocus groups to evaluate new product ideas and product enhancements

  5. BulletAlpha and beta program management

  6. BulletProduct usability evaluations

  7. BulletCompetitor assessment

  8. BulletProduct demonstration and sales tool generation

Best Practices

Stafford Ventures assists our clients with the definition of product management practices across your organization

  1. BulletDefine best practices

  2. BulletHelp setup infrastructure in a growing business

  3. BulletOrganize communication and tasks within geographically diverse organizations

  4. BulletAssist with corporate document templates

  5. BulletFormalize the relationship between Product Management, Product Development, Quality Assurance, Marketing, Sales & the rest of your organization

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Product Management Services

Product management is a critical component of any business that generates products. While your organization should retain its own product management expertise, assistance from experienced product management professionals can introduce new ideas, help define corporate processes in a growing organization and provide support for the numerous tasks necessary to release and maintain your products.

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